2021 Outdoor Meets & Races


Right now, we are proceeding with the current regulations to keep all fans and athletes safe. If the Provincial restrictions are modified, we will communicate that information with all Clubs. For now, everyone will be required to wear a mask to enter and exit the track. Coaches and officials will be required to keep their masks at all times. Athletes may take their masks off in the warm-up zones. They will be requested to wear them again to be taken to the starting line of their events. Masks will need to be worn to approach any official or volunteer. Athletes, coaches and officials only will be allowed access to the main washrooms and once again you must be masked to enter.
All warm-ups will be done on the soccer fields, and it is expected that social distancing will be done by all in that zone. Coaches will have to remain in the warm-up zone or in the stands while their athlete is warming up or competing.


Spectators, if restrictions allow, are to be in the main bleachers only. The Infield, Track and surrounding fencing is ONLY open to competitors and coaches.